The Immobilise service is provided free of charge to the public by Recipero, who also operate several other services that together form the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem. This is a global collection of property intelligence services focused on identifiying and reducing property crime. To learn more about how Recipero's solutions work in various industries please visit: www.recipero.com

To search the Immobilize Immobilise National Property Register to identify stolen goods, potential criminals or to return property, officers need to access the Police National Property Register search facility: thenmpr.au

Access is subject to the provision of a user name and password by the NMPR system. Please note you cannot use an Immobilise user name or password for access to the NMPR. For further information please go to thenmpr.au

The power of the combined Immobilise/NMPR system is best demonstrated by way of an example. The scenario below is purely fictitious, but is typical of the way in which registering property on Immobilise could quickly lead to results for the police. This all helps to reduce the attractiveness of property crime.

A police patrol identifies an individual acting suspiciously near a car park often targeted by thieves. They perform a stop and search on the individual and find the suspect to be carrying several smartphones and an iPad. They radio through the serial numbers of the devices to their control room for the numbers to be searched on the NMPR.

The results come back instantly; two of the phones were reported as stolen via Immobilise only a few hours earlier. The suspect is arrested and taken to the station for interview. The possession of the stolen phones gives reasonable grounds for the police to search the suspect's home where they find numerous items, which again are checked on the NMPR.

The searches reveal several more items that are associated with crimes, one of which involved a serious assault, providing the team investigating the assault with a fresh lead to pursue.

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